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Monarch Denture Clinic
Reliable. Professional. Friendly.

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Anna Slepukhova, DD


Anna Slepukhova obtained her education at George Brown College in Toronto (Ontario) before completing licensing requirements of College of Denturists of Ontario as well as the Board of Denturists of Nova Scotia. She is a member of the Denturist Group of Ontario (DGO) and the Denturist Society of Nova Scotia

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Denture service that puts YOU first

Our Philosophy

We believe that the smile is the window to our soul, our general health and a good quality of life altogether. Monarch Denture Clinic provides various treatment plans that will benefit our patient’s health and bring back their confidence. We believe everyone deserves a chance to look and feel their best!

Our Vision

We strive to work passionately with our patients to understand their worries and concerns, and to provide high-quality orthodontic appliances, including complete and partial dentures, in a timely and professional manner. With a widely knowledgeable staff, we are confident we will bring back your beautiful smile!

Our Logo

Our logo is a monarch butterfly, the bright orange and black pattern is pleasing to the eye and the species is widely known to the community. The symbol of a butterfly signifies transformation and the colour orange means hope and guidance. This logo reflects our philosophy and vision of our practice.


Our Clinic

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