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Monarch Denture Clinic is dedicated to providing complete denture care services in Halifax and the surrounding area while saving you time and money. We provide an exceptional experience fully equipped with expert specialists, innovative technology, and a comfortable atmosphere. Our professional approach is to listen to your concerns and offer treatment options that appeal to your needs and desired outcomes.

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Complete Dentures 

Designed for patients that no longer have remaining natural teeth, complete dentures, also known as “full” dentures, can be fabricated for the upper as well as the lower arch to aid the patient to restore aesthetics and function. There are different types; standard and precision, which are carefully crafted in our on-site laboratory. Since each patient is different, we encourage you to book a free consultation to receive a personalized treatment plan.

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Partial Dentures

These dentures are designed to replace the missing teeth in a partially edentulous/ partially toothless mouth. These dentures provide strong retention as they clasp around the remaining healthy teeth. Patients are able to restore function as well as their aesthetics; there are different options and variations of these dentures to help us achieve that goal. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Implant Overdentures.png

Implant Overdentures

Otherwise known as “dentures on implants”, this option is the closest resemblance to natural teeth. We collaborate with skilled dentists for the placement of at least 2 implants on the lower arch and at minimum 4 on the upper arch. There are many types of dentures on implants, we suggest patients book a free consultation to receive more information about this treatment. 



Dentures & soft liners

Immediate dentures are inserted on the same day your remaining teeth are removed. This is a temporary option that aids patients with their healing period before permanent dentures are made. This is a great option for those who would like to have a set of dentures immediately after extractions. Patients will be guided with complementary soft liners and other maintenance services with these transitional dentures. 

Denture Repairs_edited.jpg

Denture Repair

We strongly recommend patients not to fix their dentures at home. Although it may seem appealing and less costly, it may ruin the denture altogether. Our team utilises our on-site laboratory to provide same day repairs and flexible operating hours to get your dentures fixed in time. 

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Annual Check-ups and Adjustments

Here at Monarch Denture Clinic, we want to support each and every one of our patients with their denture journey. We welcome you to visit our clinic for free check ups and adjustments! We want to provide you with proper education on the maintenance of your dentures and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

NEW! Now offering Emergency Dentures made in 4-5 days. Contact us for more information

Denture Reline and Rebase.png

Reline and Rebase

Patients generally require a reline when their dentures get “loose”. Once a patient loses teeth, the bone goes through natural shrinkage and dentures will need to be serviced to accommodate for this natural phenomenon.

Rebase is similar to relines, it provides the denture with more suction. This procedure replaces the “pink” portion of the denture entirely. This procedure can prolong the lifespan of your dentures and may be a required procedure if the denture breaks. It ensures the proper fit of the dentures.

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